Complete Sentence Cards: Silent e and Vowel Teams

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Research has shown that to improve reading fluency, students need lots of practice reading words, phrases, and sentences. Our “Complete Sentence” cards will do exactly that! And the best part…they are FUN!

The deck contains 52 sentence cards containing words with the following patterns:

  • 8 cards containing silent e words without suffixes
  • 7 cards containing silent e words with the suffix -s
  • 6 cards with ce, ge, dge, and ve
  • 11 cards with silent e and the suffixes -ed and -ing
  • 20 vowel team cards

Each card is labeled at the bottom indicating the phonics skill. Students use the cards to improve fluency. Read and reread until fluent. Fluency includes: accuracy, appropriate rate (not too slow or too fast), prosody (timing, phrasing, and emphasis) and expression.

After reading a sentence, decide who the sentence was about, what the action is, and what the added details are.

HOW TO USE Complete Sentence Cards

The cards can be used with students individually, in small groups and as a whole class.

To play as a whole class, pass out one card to each student. Students walk around the room and read their sentence to another student. Students can swap cards and then read to another student. They record the sentences they created on paper or on a dry-erase board. 

To play in small groups or individually, have students practice reading sentences until they are fluent. Another option is to punch a hole in the top corner to put cards on a ring separated by color. Students can flip through to read sentences.

Automaticiy Drill

Students randomly choose 10 cards and time themselves to see how quickly they can read through the cards. Try this a few times so students can see how their scores improve. Increase with more cards as students improve.

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Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $4.99.

169 in stock